Hi and Welcome!

Hi! My name is Eugénie Krüger. I’d like to welcome you to my website and share with you a little bit about how I stumbled upon Homeopathy and what it has meant to me and my family.

Even though I was not raised with natural medicine, I somehow, intuitively, always knew that touch can be very healing. So, in 1998 I did a Shiatsu course, followed by Reiki I in 2000, Reiki II in 2002 and a Diploma in Massage in 2006. My journey to Homeopathy began when I decided to become a Naturopath and enrolled in a Bachelor of Natural Medicine in New Zealand. One of our compulsory subjects was an “Introduction to Homeopathy.” Ho hum! I had absolutely no interest in Homeopathy (and even less of an idea of what it actually was, if I’m honest). After my very first lecture, I walked out of the classroom and straight to the registrar’s office, to change my pathway to become a Homeopath instead.

Have you ever had an “Aha!” moment in your life? That proverbial eureka moment when everything just suddenly makes perfect sense and it all becomes crystal clear? Well, that’s how I felt after that very first “Introduction to Homeopathy” lecture. My husband and I were planning on starting a family in the near future, so discovering that there was a natural medicine that was safe, has a 200 year history of efficacy, has pretty much zero contra-indications and can be used from the second you’re born until the day you die, made absolutely perfect sense to me. I wanted to raise my children as natural and healthy as possible – Homeopathy was my answer!

I became pregnant with my son during my second year of study. Homeopathy helped me to have a wonderful pregnancy and a drug-free, natural, homebirth. I used it for everything from morning sickness to labour pains and to speed up my recovery after birthing my beautiful little boy. Shortly after finishing my fourth (and final) year of studies, I became pregnant with my daughter and once again, used Homeopathy all throughout my pregnancy and to help me have another amazing homebirth.

That all seems like such a long time ago! My children are almost 9 years old and 6 years old and are two of the healthiest kids I know, all thanks to Homeopathy.

I really hope that I can share this wonderful, natural medicine with you and your family as well.

On my website, you’ll find some interesting information in the “Resources” section. I also have some Homeopathic Remedies and Remedy Kits for sale in the “Products” section. Have a read through the “FAQ” section for some commonly asked questions regarding Homeopathy and what you can expect during a Homeopathic Consultation.

Follow me on my Facebook page for updates and information on my 2-hour Homeopathy@Homeopathy courses, which are held all over Perth (scroll to the bottom for some testimonials from past attendees). These courses are great for people who are new to Homeopathy and who would like to find out how to use this safe, effective, natural medicine to treat their family at home for various acute illnesses and first aid situations. You can find my page here: www.facebook.com/HomeopathyatHome.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 0434 577 914 if I can be of help.

Below are some testimonials from my clients (names have been omitted for privacy):

“I went to Eugenie with numerous problems, the biggest being fertility.  She prescribed me a constitutional remedy that not only got my ovulation cycles going again, I no longer have the constant mouth ulcers I once had.  I also felt a noticeable shift in my mood too.  Eugenie is very thorough in her consultation process, but is also very easy to talk to and to relate to.  She is genuinely interested in your concerns and in your progress.  I have since had her prescribe remedies for my toddler when she has been sick, and I recommend her to all my friends.” – T.R.

“After suffering with chronic sinusitis for 50 plus years, I started having positive results just after the second day that I started taking her remedy.  I’m now able to live a normal life without taking medication for chronic sinus. I am grateful to say, I feel the best I’ve ever felt. I have tried everything and now I finally had relief which feels like a miracle for someone who had been through years with this chronic problem. She is compassionate, supportive and a careful listener. I would highly recommend her without reservation to anyone who wants to overcome an illness or any health issue.” – A.V.

“I saw Eugenie initially for a homeopathic consultation in November 2012 and also used her advice several times in 2013.  Eugenie gave me a homeopathic constitutional remedy that supported me during an emotional time after I had a miscarriage and also aided me getting pregnant again.  I also used her homeopathic advice when I gave birth to my daughter. Eugenie is very professional and thorough in her approach and is very passionate about homeopathy and natural health.  She is a caring, thoughtful, generous person who goes out of her way to help others.  Eugenie is our family homeopath and we will continue to use her expertise and wisdom.  I highly recommend her service, she is awesome!” – C.O.

And some testimonials from the Homeopathy@Home courses:

“I didn’t know what to expect going to Eugenie’s homeopathy talk. Previously I had done a little research but was still confused about what homeopathy actually was. My motivation was to learn a way to help my family using a more natural remedy without nasty side effects. My husband and I really enjoyed the talk and at the end we gained useful knowledge. We both use homeopathy everyday for our daughter’s teething and have experienced the joy of giving our daughter relief with her symptoms and pain. I have used homeopathy for awful stomach aches and it has worked great. I am very grateful Eugenie held the talk and has helped us to confidently use homeopathy. The smile on her face when she takes the last dose to give her relief from her teething is something we will never forget.” – Nesh

“I attended one of Eugenie’s talks having no prior knowledge on homeopathic medicine and was inspired to start using it for my own family. I found the presentation was well put together, interesting and really informative. Eugenie covered as much as possible in the 2 hours and made sure the group understood everything along the way with opportunities to ask questions. I still refer back to her handout on the list of remedies we covered. Eugenie is a professional and you can see she genuinely loves homeopathy. Personally Eugenie has been very generous and kind sharing her professional knowledge when I’ve called in need of advice. I highly encourage anyone curious about using homeopathy to go along to one of Eugenie’s talks.” – Deanne