Mix 30 x 3g Kit (60+ pillules each)

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Contains the remedies below in a sturdy case – 2 substitutions allowed

Brain/Memory Support
Chesty Cough Support
Cold – Clear Discharge
Cold – Thick Discharge
Constipation Support
Mood Support
Digestive Support
Dry Cough Support
Flu Support
Gastro Support
Headache Support
Immune Support
Infected Wound Support
Insect Sting Support
Inflammation Support
Insomnia Support
Iron Support
Liver Support
Muscular Cramps
School Sores/Impetigo Support
Sinus Support
Sleep Support
Sore Throat Support
Snoring Support
Staph/Strep Support
Stress & Energy Support
Strong Teeth Support
Weight 300 g
Dimensions 130 × 170 × 50 mm
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