Bush Kit – 10 x 3g (60+ pillules each)

$58.50 Incl. GST

Please advise if you would like a pink, purple, blue, black or red kit  (please write your selection in the comments field at checkout)

1. Apis 30c – for insect bites/stings especially bees or mosquitos
2. Arnica 30c – for bangs, bruises, head bumps, blood noses and injuries
3. Lachesis 200c – for snake bites
4. Urtica Urens 30c – for itchy hives
5. Histaminum 30c – for histamine/allergic reactions
6. Sol 30c – to prevent and treat sunburn
7. White Tail Spider 30c
8. Tick Mix – Ledum, Ixodes, Borellia – for treatment of tick bits
9. Hypericum for any injury to the spine or nerve-rich areas, for healing of wounds, puncture wounds and deep sunburn pain.
10. Ledum 30c – for insect bites and stings, and any puncture wound to help prevent tetanus. Healing snake wounds, and old bruising.
Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 50 mm