Sharon Ralston Homeopathy

I am originally from Zimbabwe, have lived in London and Kenya and now in Perth, Australia. My mom first took me to a homeopath when I was 15 – it all seemed so simple, LOTS of bizarre questions and then some remedies that looked and tasted the same but helped me enormously.

I started out as a massage and beauty therapist and discovered my passion for anything natural and gentle to heal the body. I continued to study and work in aromatherapy and reflexology.

I rediscovered Homeopathy when I had my own three children. I did a “first aid” course which taught me about the remedies and how to use homeopathy responsibly for my family. This course changed my life and made parenting so much easier and more enjoyable. I don’t know how people get through these early years without the support of homeopathy. Kids often seem to get sick in the night, be it teething, earaches, scared of dogs, or bad dreams. By having a kit of remedies at home and a supportive homoeopath on the phone, you can help your family no matter what time of day or night it is.

I love homeopathy and everything about it and am forever thankful of how it helped my family move across the world (from Kenya to Australia), settle in a new country, make new friends and get over the loss of the home, friends and family we had left behind. During that time, I learned that young children are not always as adaptable as we are told, and I was so impressed with how homoeopathy helped them cope with such huge changes. Once in Australia I joined a homeopathic mentoring group and a few years later committed to formal study and finally graduated in 2017 as a homeopath.  In 2019 I went to Greece to do a 2-week course in Alonissos with George Vithoulkas, loved it and was so inspired I signed up for the 2 year online course and the Post graduate Levels of health. 

My Special Interest

I work with all health conditions and especially enjoy working with women and helping them learn how to treat their own families. Having had three of my own children, I love working with mums and their young babies – supporting them homoeopathically through those difficult first few months of feeding, colic, nappy rash, teething etcetera as well as all the emotional overwhelm and exhaustion that comes with parenting. However, I also love working with women in their later years – helping them with skin problems, hormonal issues, perimenopause and menopause. Again and again I have seen how homoeopathy can make such deep changes not only to an individual’s health but also to an entire family’s health and happiness.

I have also been loving listening and learning from Eugenie’s podcasts, and have also signed up with Angelika Lemke’s Intuitive homeopathy – I think this is going to benefit all the parents in this incredible group.