Homeopathic First Aid Kits

Homeopathic First Aid Kits are a great way of ensuring you always have the most commonly used homeopathic remedies on hand, in case of emergency. It’s also a very cost effective way of expanding the remedies you have available for use at home.

I have 12 and 24 remedy kits for sale. The remedies are in little 1g glass vials, with about 60 pillules in each vial and seeing as you only need 2 pillules per dose, it will last for quite a while. Each kit includes a handy booklet which includes indications for the most common uses of each remedy, as well as an easy reference chart, to quickly find out which remedy to use in certain acute situations.  

12 Remedy Kits:

IMG_2112 These 12 Remedy kits come in a little plastic wallet (9.5cm x 6cm), making them really easy to carry with you wherever you go. Simply chose your 12 remedies from the list below. The kits are $60 each with $5 postage NZ-wide (or $8 for postage to Australia).




24 Remedy Kits:


The 24 Remedy Kits come in a convenient leather zip pouch. Cost is $130 per kit + $5 postage NZ-wide. The basic 24 remedy kit contains: aconite, apis mel, arnica, arsenicum album, belladonna, bryonia, cantharis, chamomilla, ferrum phos, gelsemium, hepar sulph, hypericum, ignatia, ledum pal, mag phos, natrum mur, nux vomica, phosphorus, pulsatilla, rhus tox, ruta grav, silica, sulphur and urtica urens (in 30c)



Here are the remedies to choose from for the 12 remedy kits. I’ve also included one of the most common uses for each remedy, although obviously there are hundreds of uses for most remedies.

1. Aconite – nipping colds in the bud
2. Apis mel – bites and stings
3. Arnica – accidents, shock, physical exhaustion
4. Arsenicum Album – food poisoning
5. Belladonna – high fevers
6. Bryonia – dry, painful coughs
7. Cantharis – intense pain of burns
8. Chamomilla – teething remedy
9. Ferrum phos – beginning of colds and fevers without any other clear symptoms
10. Gelsemium – nr 1 remedy for flu
11. Hepar sulph – painful, infected wounds
12. Hypericum – injury to nerves, lacerated wounds
13. Ignatia – major shock
14. Ledum – puncture wounds and black eyes
15. Mag phos – known as the homeopathic aspirin
16. Natrum mur – headaches
17. Nux vomica – hangovers
18. Phosphorous – irritating coughs and sore throats
19. Pulsatilla – ear infections
20. Rhus tox – sprains and strains
21. Ruta grav – injuries to tendons and bone surface
22. Silica – forcing out splinters
23. Sulphur – burning pains, offensive, corrosive, burning discharges, big remedy for skin conditions
24. Urtica Urens – burns and insect bites