Travel Kit – 10 x 3g remedies(60+ pillules each)

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For those of you travelling, I have put together the Ultimate Homeopathic Travel Kit. Whether it’s a cold that threatens to spoil your holiday, anxiety about flying/travelling, mosquito bites, sunburn, over-indulgence, an infection from cutting your foot on coral, travel sickness or an injury/accident – you’ll be covered with these 10, incredible homeopathic remedies. Don’t get caught out without them. The kit comes standard in black. Please email me if you wish to have a purple kit instead.

The following remedies are included

These kits  contain all 10 of the remedies below. There are over 60 pillules in each of the bottles, which are about 30 doses per bottle.

1. Aconite – This incredible remedy is great for nipping colds in the bud, fever, ear infections and any other sudden onset illnesses, especially due to exposure to cold. Also a great remedy for fear of travel/flying.
2. Apis – Bites and stings such as bee stings, allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, redness, swelling
3. Arnica – It would simply be impossible to travel without this essential remedy. Arnica is excellent for accidents, injuries, bumps, bruises, bleeding and shock. It is even useful for jetlag.
4. Arsenicum – food poisoning, vomiting, stomach upsets, diarrhea, stomach cramps etc. Arsenicum can also be used as prophylaxis on a daily basis while travelling, to protect against stomach upsets.
5. Cocculus – Cocculus can be used as a multi-purpose remedy for motion sickness, jet lag and sleep disturbances associated with travel.
6. Hepar Sulph – Infected wounds, rough, barking, rattly cough, boils, styes, cold sores
7. Kali Phos – the “nerve nutrient” – helps to calm the nervous system, adjust to the change of a new environment, helps with the stress of travel. A wonderful remedy for stress and anxiety.
8. Ledum – mosquito/insect bites. Puncture wounds and anti-tetanus remedy. Take 1 dose daily while travelling to reduce susceptibility to mosquito bites
9. Nux Vomica – over-indulgence, hang-over, eating too much rich food or foods you wouldn’t normally eat
10. Sol – can be taken every 30 minutes during sun exposure to prevent sunburn (depending on your skin type). It can also be used to treat sunburn.


Weight 100 g
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