Narayani GEM kit – 10 x 3g remedies (60+ pillules each)

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There are at least 60 pillules in each of the 3g remedy bottles

This  Narayani Gem Kit contains the following 10 Gem Colour Healing Remedies;

The colour red is the colour of fire and emanates hot rays, passion and vitality.
Any illness or condition which restricts movement through lack of power or lack of vital force should be treated with Ruby Red in order to tone up the entire system or that organ which is lacking power.
This is a wonderful remedy for the elderly to boost up the entire system.
Useful for :
• Amenorrhoea – delayed menses means lack of tone in the female system
Anaemia – the entire circulatory system is low, causing the person to be tired, listless and feeling faint
• Arthritis and Rheumatism – use this remedy in any situation where movement is restricted. In paralysis with a stroke use this in conjuction with Arnica Bones – joint irregularities
• Collapse – a person on the verge of collapse with a low pulse and very cold can be revived with warmth – by fire with Ruby Red (cf Carbo Veg)
• Constipation – this is a depressed condition of the colon and needs vitality
• Eyes – The Ruby Red ray has a great affinity for sight and should be whose eyes are losing vitality.
• Heart and circulation – As the entire blood system becomes weak. th system slows down and pressure and strain is put on the heart. The bc clogged, arteries are strained and thrombosis and myocardial infe results.
• Low Blood Pressure is tied up with anaemia.
Marasmus – wasting of tissue. This may respond to Ruby Red.
• Weakness; Paralysis.

The colour yellow is also a fire colour and is a hot ray. When one looks at a fire burning one sees that intermingling with the red in yellow.
For any problems with the liver and gallbladder or any problem these organs, Coral yellow is the gem remedy to stabilise them.
Useful for :
• Biliary colic and gallstones – these are due to the gallbladder not functioning as should
• Haemorroids and poor circulation – will occur if the liver is without tone
• Hepatitis and Jaundice will respond immediately to this colour
• Nauseousness is due to the liver lacking tone.
• Mental aspects : Depression and Impatience
caused by heat.
Useful for :
• Digestive System – Any condition which affects the digestive system will react to Emerald Green – mouth ulcers, nausea, indigestion, flatulence, stomach ulcers, heartburn, gastritis, diarrhea, colitis, bowel obstruction etc.
• Spleen and Kidneys – has a cooling effect on the kidneys and symptoms of burning, hot urine
• Weight gain – helps to fatten thin people
• Mental aspects : use to cool the angry mind

This colour is neutral and will work on any condition affecting the head from the throat upwards.
Useful for :
• Adenoids, tonsils, croup, cough, quinsy,colds, catarrh, swollen neck glands, thy goitre, whooping cough, mumps, neuralgia, ear problems, any nasal condit headaches, etc.
• Sunstroke: Use in conjunction with Nat Mur (high) and Belladonna or GFM
Obesity – dissolves fat as it is working on and through the Thyroid.

Ruled by the moon, it’s rays are cold; it covers many physical as well as mental aspects
Useful for :
• Chest and nasal ailments – colds, bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia
• Children’s diseases – measles, meningitis, chicken pox
• Fevers – flu, smallpox, malaria, typhoid
• Haemorrhages – discharges, septicemia
High Blood Pressure – in conjunction with Belladonna and Adrenalin
Kidney and Bladder – use with KBS
• Menses and Menopause – use with Menses I
• Moon – for anyone affected mentally or physically by the moon phases (Silica)
• Mental aspects : delusions, hysteria, melancholia, anger

A cold ray, ruled by Venus Useful for:
• Diabetes
• Anal fissures
• Convulsions – epilepsy, chorea, spasms
• Male and Female reproductive systems
Skin Complaints
• Mental aspects: Being ruled by Venus, it affects any mental conditions caused through loss of emotional control and also affects the physical body. Diabetes is an emotional illness as the pancreas is the organ which responds to emotions.
Any form of spasms comes firstly from emotion as do sexual problems which are completely tied up at the emotional level, either being too much emotion or craving for emotional feedback.

A neutral ray which works on the nervous system as a whole including men disorders, epilepsy and spasms. To work on the mental aspect of a patient wh there is emotional and nervous disturbance, a combination of Diamond Indigo a Sapphire Violet is a very effective.
Useful for:
• Emotional disturbances
• Inflammations anywhere in the body
• Head conditions such as headaches, neuralgia, earache, dandruff etc. Use combination with Moonstone Blue for these conditions.
• Back conditions – backache, lumbago, sciatica, gout
• Kidney and Bladder

Use only when a person suffers from extreme heat in the body or mind.
Useful for :
• Sexual excesses
• Brain disorders causing violence
• Extreme violent mental temperaments

This is the hottest ray and must be used in terminal diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, lung failure.

A combination of all the colours. This works in the same way as the Combination Tissue Salts. Using these both together would be a wonderful tonic.

Indigo, Blue, Green and Orange is used as the cleanser. Many practitioners like to use this first to cleanse the body before beginning the treatment.
Useful for :
• Cleansing
• Temper tantrums, bad tempers
• Skin ailments as cleansing is required here as well
• All fevers, inflammations, catarrhs, heat producing conditions. There is some toxin that needs to be removed from the system and this combination does just that.

Orange, Green, Indigo and Violet. This works on the kidneys, diabetes and high blood pressure. Also a good tonic.

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