Mother and Child Kit – 10 x 3g remedies (60+ pillules each)

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This handy Homeopathic Kit is perfect for your kiddies – from the second they are born until the day they leave the nest. The kit can be clipped onto a hand bag, diaper bag or belt loop and fits in the palm of your hand.

The following remedies are included

These kits contain all 10 of the remedies below. There are over 60 pillules in each of the bottles, which are about 30 doses per bottle.

1. Aconite – This incredible remedy is great for nipping colds in the bud, fevers, ear infections and any other sudden onset illnesses, especially due to exposure to cold.

2. Arnica – Excellent for accidents, injuries, bumps, bruises, bleeding and shock.

3. Apis – Introducing your little one to solids for the first time, can be a bit scary if you have a family history of allergic reactions to certain foods. This remedy can literally be a life saver.  Apis is traditionally used in cases of anaphylaxis, where there is swelling of the tongue and throat. It is also a wonderful remedy for sore throats, as well as insect stings where there is redness and swelling.

4. Belladonna – The symptoms that require this remedy are usually of very sudden onset and quite intense, with redness and heat. Belladonna is wonderful for anything from fevers, teething, measles and mumps to sunstroke. It is also a wonderful remedy for mastitis.

5. Chamomilla – Every teething baby’s saviour! Also great for ear infections, insomnia, labour pains and much more.

6. Ferrum Phos – Ferrum phos is another great fever remedy which is used when the symptoms are not as sudden onset as that of Aconite or Belladonna. It is great for when the kids are just a bit “off-colour.”

7. Hepar Sulph – Infected wounds, rough, barking, rattly cough, boils, styes, cold sores

8. Kali Phos – the “nerve nutrient” – helps to calm the nervous system, a wonderful remedy for stress and anxiety and when everything just gets a bit too much.

9. Nux Vomica – The theme for this remedy is “over-indulgence” and is very useful when Mum or Baby have eaten foods that don’t agree with them, which may then lead to tummy upsets, bloating, etc. (also great for hangovers by the way!).

10. Pulsatilla – This remedy works wonders when the kiddies are being extra clingy, moody or weepy (and for us Mums too!). It is great for congestive symptoms with thick, yellow-green discharges, ear infections and also useful for labour pains.

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