Mix 60 x 10g Kit (250+ pillules each)

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Contains 12 Tissue Salt remedies, plus your choice of 48 of the combination remedies below in a sturdy TEAL case.

Please list your 48 additional remedies in the “Order Notes” section, which is located under the “Shipping Information” after you proceed to check out.


Calc Fluor 6x
Calc Phos 6x
Calc Sulph 6x
Ferr Phos 6x
Kali Mur 6x
Kali Phos 6x
Kali Sulph 6x
Mag Phos 6x
Nat Mur 6x
Nat Phos 6x
Nat Sulph 6x
Silica 6x
Plus your choice of 48 of the remedies below
ABC – Aconite, Belladonna, Chamomilla
AHC – Arnica, Hypericum, Calendula
Allergen Mix
ARR – Arnica, Ruta Grav, Rhus Tox (injury/sprain/strain)
Brain/Memory Mix
Strong Teeth Mix
Stress & Energy Mix
Bedwetting Mix
Nausea Mix
Teething Ultra Mix
Blood Sugar Balance
Breastfeeding Mix
Colic Mix
Mastitis Mix
Constipation Mix
Cough Mix
Worming Mix
Cold Sore Mix
Mouth Ulcer Mix
Flu Mix
Gastro Mix
Tick Bite Mix
Immune Tonic Mix
Sleep/Calm Mix
Hayfever Mix
Vein/Hemorrhoid Mix
Post-Op Mix
Infected Wound Mix
Iron Mix
Kidney Support Mix
Staph/Strep Mix 200c
Liver Support
Stop Smoking Mix
Adrenal Mix
Acne Mix
Male Fertility
Female Fertilit Mix
Spleen Support
Heart/Blood pressure Mix
Inflammation Mix
Heart Palpitations Mix
Joint Support
Migraine Mix
Carpal Tunnel Mix
Bronchitis Mix
Insomnia Mix
Gallstone Mix
Constipation Ultra Mix
Ear ache Mix
Cystitis Mix
Depressed Mood Support Mix
Painful Period Mix
Post Natal Mood Support
Heavey Period Mix
Arthritis Support Mix
Nosebleed Mix
Headache Mix
Lymph Support
Kidney Stone Mix
Chickenpox Mix
Measles Mix
Hives Mix
Tonsillitis Mix
Sinus Mix
Cold – Thick Discharge
Cold – Clear Discharge
Croupy cough
Cholesterol Mix
Fibroid Mix
School Sores/Impetigo Mix
Eczema/Dermatitis/Psoriasis Mix
Digestive Support
Muscular Cramps
Fracture Support
ADHD Support
Night Terror Mix
Growing Pains Mix
Teenage Hormonal Mix
Toddler Temper Mix
Grout Mix
Anticipatory Anxiety Mix
Chest Cough
Dry Cough
Snoring Mix
Female Libido Mix
Sore Throat
Lower Back Pain Mix
Wart Mix
Insect Sting Mix
Sugar Craving Mix
Menopause Mix
Candida Mix
Hot Flushes
Narayani Mix: Anaemia Balance (Homeo – China, Chinin Sulp,Cuprim Met, Ferrum Met, Ferrum Phos, NatMur,Phos,Phos Ac. Organo – Blood,Eosin,Haemoglobin,Pancreatin, Platelets, Red Bone Marrow, Spleen, Spleen Meridien.)
Narayani Mix: Cataract Compound Narayani (Cataract Compound (Mix 47), Cat’s Eye, Eye Balance, OM 28, Thymus,Red Bone Marrow,Interferon,Ruby Red)
Narayani Mix: CCA Chest Cough Asthma Narayani (30c: Ant Tart, Bronchi, Bryonia, Ipecac, Kali Bic, Mucus Membrane, Nat Sulph, Rumex, Sulphur.)
Narayani Mix: Connective Tissue OM 30 Narayani (30CH: Connective tissue, Collagen)
Narayani Mix: Debility 75 Narayani (Ingredients in 200c potency: Adrenalin,Avena Sativa,Baptisia, China, Chinin Ars, Cuprum Met, Ferrum Met,Kali Phos, Nat Sulph, Phos Ac.)
Narayani Mix: Depression Balance BR3 Narayani (Ingredients: Homeo – Argent Nit, Arsen Alb, Aurum Met, Cimicifuga. Bach – Clematis, Gentian, Gorse Mustard, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut. Organo – Adrenalin, Pineal Gland, Thyroid Gland. 50M medicating potency)
Narayani Mix: Circulation OM 5 Narayani (Ingredients 50M potency: Homeo – Aconite, Arnica, Calc Fluor, Carbo Veg, Carduus Mar, Collinsonia, Fluor Ac, Hamamelis, Nux Vom,Rutin. Organo – Arterial Tissues, Arteries, Arterioles, Capillaries, Circ Meridien, Veins, Vein Tissue.)
Narayani Mix: Hair OM 12 Narayani (30C potency: Hair, Hair Follicles, Sebaceous Glands, Thyroid.)
Narayani Mix: Immune System OM 28 Narayani (30C potencies: Thymus, Red Bone Marrow, Interferon.)
Narayani Mix: Male Balance BR 17 (50M potencies: Homeo – Agnus Castus, Endocrine Integrity (Tansley), Onosmodium, Sabal Serr, Zincum Met.
Organo – Anterior Pituitary, Erector Spinus, LH (Hormone), Penis, Prostate, Sperm, Testosterone.) “
Narayani Mix: Post Nasal Drip 92 Narayani Ingredients 30C potency: Elaps Cor, Kali Bic, Lemna Minor, Nat Ars, Sticta.
Narayani Mix: Female Balance BR 16 Narayani (50M potency Homeo – Aurum Mur Nat, Caulophyllum, Endocrine Integrity (Tansley), Lachesis, Sepia, Pulsatilla. Organo – Anterior Pituitary, Endometrium,FSH Hormone, Fallopian Tube, Oestrogen, Ovary, Uterus.)
Weight 2640 g
Dimensions 320 × 230 × 80 mm