HyperCal Mother Tincture 50ml

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Mother Tincture of Hypericum and Calendula – can be used neat, or put 10 drops in 1/4-1/2 cup of boiled, cooled water, then apply as needed for cuts, scrapes, wounds or to gargle with for mouth ulcers, after dental surgery etc.

HyperCal Mother Tincture 

An essential in any household, Hypercal Mother Tincture is a combination of equal parts of Hypericum and Calendula and, as such, has anti-inflammatory pain-relief and wound-healing properties.  

A natural antiseptic, Hypercal is wonderful in the prevention of infection and can be dabbed onto wounds, cuts, abrasians, bites, rashes etc., as well as being used as a gargle or mouthwash for the treatment of ulcers or following dental surgery.

This amazing tincture is invaluable during and after giving birth for the treatment of perineal tearing, caesarian scars and episiotomies. The tincture can be diluted and dabbed on to the affected area; alternatively, a tablespoonful of the tincture may be added to a warm, shallow bath. 

Think of this remedy for all cuts, abrasions, puncture wounds, cold sores and lacerations. 

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