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Around 250 pillules in each 10g, amber glass bottle. Expiry date: 5 years.

Histaminum has an affinity with the skin, gastrointestinal system, mucous membranes, nervous system and cardiac tissue. 

Histamine itself is an amine which triggers inflammatory and immune responses, hence its homeopathic counterpart, Histaminum, can be used in the treatment of these conditions. Think of this remedy for allergic responses such as dryness of the mucous membranes, dryness of the mouth with possible loss of taste, or painful dryness and constrictive sensations of the nose and nostrils. Histaminum can also be effective in the treatment of annual hay fever, with sneezing, obstruction of the nose and profuse coryza. 

Urinary tract infections may respond well to this remedy: think of Histaminum in cases where there is an unbearable feeling of heat in the bladder with an urge to urinate, but only a few drops are passed. The urine burns like fire and there may be stabbing pains in the bladder. 

In the digestive sphere there may be nausea when eating or when thinking about food; distension and pain of the stomach as though having consumed indigestible foods; abdominal pain followed by diarrhoea of black stools. 

  • General weakness as after exertion
  • Constriction of the heart
  • Cramping of the muscles
  • Chronic itching of the nose, throat, ears and vagina
  • Vertigo as though on a swing, with nausea
  • Heavy and compressive headaches
  • Constrictive, dull and drawing pains
  • Sensation as though the ears are blocked, with ringing and heaviness
  • UTI‚Äôs with burning and stabbing pains
  • Digestive disturbances, food allergies where the symptoms agree
  • Allergies to dust, smoke and perfumes

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3g pillules, 10g pillules, 15ml liquid dropper, 30ml Spray


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