Hepar Sulph

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Around 400 pillules in each 10g, amber glass bottle. Expiry date: 5 years.

Hepar Sulphuris – Calcium Sulphide

Hepar Sulph. has an affinity for the nerves, connective tissues, respiratory membranes, glands, and kidneys. 

The Hepar Sulph. patient is hypersensitive both physically and emotionally. On the physical level we see an oversensitivity to pain, cold, or touch; while on the mental and emotional levels there is tremendous oversensitivity to trifles, pain, and to the least offence, all of which can produce a violent reaction.

Think of this remedy in cases of tonsillitis where there are sharp, stitching or splinter-like pains, as well as for hoarse, croupy coughs and laryngitis, especially where the patient is sensitive to the least draft of air. Hepar Sulph. also displays a great tendency to suppuration, so think of this remedy when every little injury festers and suppurates (cold sores, boils, ulcers, unhealthy and cracked skin etc.). 

  • Oversensitive to pain, touch and cold
  • Intolerant to suffering; great suffering and complaining over minor troubles
  • Greatly affectedly by seeing or hearing distressing things
  • Extreme chilliness – one of the coldest remedies
  • Splinter-like, stitching or stabbing pains
  • Offensive discharges, sour excretions¬†
  • Long-standing suppuration with thick, yellow discharges
  • Croup with loose, rattling, or choking cough
  • Cough with suffocative attacks, forcing the patient to sit up in bed and bend the head back
  • Craves acidic and pungent things, or highly seasoned food
  • Better for heat, damp weather. Worse for cold, dryness, uncovering, touch, noise, exertion, lying on the painful part, night

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