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Gelsemium – Yellow Jasmine

Gelsemium has an affinity for the brain, spinal cord, motor nerves, muscles and mucus membranes and can cause Рand cure Рvarious degrees of motor paralysis.  This tendency towards extreme physical prostration, coupled with mental alertness, gives rise to the remedy’s nickname, the “glass coffin”. 

Gelsemium displays extreme weakness, dullness, heaviness and drowsiness, along with paralysis of various groups of muscles including those of the eyes, throat, chest, larynx and extremities. The circulation is sluggish, contributing to the general bodily prostration and heaviness of the Gelsemium patient. There may be trembling from weakness, or from fright.

Think of Gelsemium for flus where the the symptoms come on slowly and the patient has such tremendous aching and weakness that they are barely able to move. Both the mind and the body are dull, weak and heavy and the least effort increases the patient’s fatigue. The face may be flushed and dark red, the eyelids drooping and there may be shivering up and down the spine. The patient craves quiet and wants to be left alone, although during fever they may want to be held so that their shaking can subside.

Think of Gelsemium also for anticipatory anxiety. This can be an excellent remedy for stage fright, fear of exams, fear of failure, fear of appearing in public, or fear of losing self control. 

  • Dull, drowsy, dizzy and heavy
  • Overpowering aching, tiredness and heaviness
  • Complete prostration, gradual paralysis
  • Extreme anticipation, paralysed from fear¬†
  • Influenza or measles, where the symptoms agree
  • Watery discharges
  • Better for profuse urination, perspiration, shaking, mental exertion, open air, bending forward; worse for emotions, especially fear / fright /shock, ordeals, before a thunderstorm, and foggy, humid or damp weather

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