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Ferrum Phos. – Phosphate of Iron

Standing mid way between the suddenness and violence of Aconite or Belladona and the slowness of Gelsemium, think of Ferrum-phos. in the early stages of fever and inflammation where there is a lack of clear symptoms and indications.  This is the remedy for the first stages of all febrile disturbances and inflammations, particularly for catarrhal respiratory affections.

With an affinity for the circulation and blood vessels, Ferrum-phos. is prone to pulsations, throbbing sensations and haemorrhages. Discharges are often blood-streaked and there may be bright red haemorrhages from any orifice of the body. Cases of post-operative soreness and bleeding can be relieved by a prescription of this remedy.  There may be throbbing or ringing in the ears, violent earache with deafness, throbbing headaches with sensitivity of the scalp and throbbing palpitations of the heart. 

This remedy is often called for at times of hormonal change, such as puberty, menses and menopause.

In extremely low potencies (3x) Ferrum phos. can also act to increase the haemoglobin.

  • Lack of clear indications
  • First stage of inflammations and fevers, especially for catarrhal conditions of the respiratory tract
  • Fevers following mechanical injury, congestion or prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Face alternates between pale and red
  • Nervous, sensitive and anaemic patients who are susceptible to respiratory troubles, including bronchitis in children
  • Better for cold applications, bleeding, pressure, gentle motion; worse for touch, jar, motion, noise, suppressed perspiration, at night, eating, standing, cold air

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