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Euphrasia – Eyebright

Euphrasia acts primarily on the mucous membranes, the eyes and the nose.

Inflammation of the conjunctival membranes produces profuse acrid tears, which may be accompanied by bland nasal discharges and the coughing up of copious offensive mucous.

Think of this remedy for conjunctivitis, where there is granular or catarrhal discharge which glues the eyelids together. The eyes are red-rimmed, burning and possibly swollen, with a sensation as though there were a hair in them, creating a constant desire to rub them. The remedy may be taken internally, or used in dilute tincture as an eye wash. 

Euphrasia is also an excellent remedy for hay-fever, where there are profuse acrid tears and bland nasal discharge. 

  • Catarrhal affections of the mucous membranes, especially the eyes and nose
  • Conjunctivitis with thick, acrid, yellow discharges
  • Hay-fever with watering eyes
  • Burning and stinging eyes, photophobia
  • Bursting catarrhal headaches with profuse discharges from nose and eyes
  • Daytime cough which produces lots of mucous, better at night, for eating or lying down
  • Violent or whooping cough with excessively watering eyes
  • Better in open air, lying down, blinking, darkness; worse for sunlight / bright light, wind, touch

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