Doggie Kit – 10 x 3g remedies (60+ pillules each)

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There are at least 60 pillules in each of the 3g remedy bottles

This Doggie Kit includes the following remedies; 

1. Aconite 30c ‚Äì fright/shock eg. fireworks, thunderstorms – give 1 dose every 10 min for 4-6 doses or until symptoms improve. Can also be given at the first sign of illness or given in dog’s water supply.

2.Canine Heartworm 200c – 1 dose months 3, 6, 9, then 1 dose once per year.

3. Flea Support – 1 dose once per month to prevent fleas, or give 1 dose daily if they have fleas, until symptoms resolve.

4. Ignatia 30c – for grief/sadness eg. doggies who get very sad when their owners have to leave them to go to work Рgive 1 dose as needed. Also helpful to give twice daily to an animal in a new home.

5. Kennel Cough 200c– 1 dose months 2,5,8, then 1 dose once per year

6. Nux Vomica 30c – 1 dose every 30 min for 4-6 doses, then as needed, if your doggie has eaten something they shouldn’t

7. Parvovirus 200c – 1 dose months 1,4,7, then 1 dose once per year

8. Sulphur 30c– useful for a variety of skin complains and reactions to medications.

9. Tick Support – 1 dose 3 x daily for 3 days after tick bite, or give a dose as prevention when entering known tick areas.

10. Worming Support– give 1 dose per month, or if there are symptoms of worms, give daily until symptoms resolve


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