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Colocynthis – Bitter Cucumber

Colocynthis has an affinity for the nerves, abdomen, digestive tract, intestines, ovaries and kidneys. 

Generally used as an acute remedy, Colocynthis displays sudden, violent, cramping and colicky pains which are better for hard pressure and cause the patient to double over or or to keep moving to try to escape the pain. The pains come in waves and are often accompanied by shrieking and crying, or by faintness and weakness.  While this remedy is primarily focussed on the abdomen, the Coloc. pains may also appear throughout the body: there may be cutting headaches, sharp pains in the eyes, tearing pains with swelling in the face, boring pains in the ovaries, and sciatic contractions in the limbs, all of which are better for hard pressure and heat.

Ailments which are brought on by grief, anger, humiliation or indignation will often respond well to Colocynthis, where the symptoms agree. Consumed by pain, the patient is extremely irritable and may become angry when questioned. Everything annoys them, they do not want to talk and want to be left alone. 

Think of this remedy for violent menstrual pain, where the patient has to bend double and press hard against the abdomen for relief, or for any severe, colicky abdominal pains which are better for hard pressure, bending double, or heat. There may be vomiting from the pain, which is also aggravated by eating and drinking. 

Think of this remedy also for restless, irritable infants whose colic is relieved by firm pressure (e.g. being held over your shoulder) and who may suffer from diarrhea and pain after eating fruit. 

A useful travel remedy, Colocynthis will come to your rescue in cases of acute digestive disorders with intense colicky pain, caused by eating unripe fruit or drinking dirty water. 

  • Severe menstrual pain, better for hard pressure / bending double
  • Terrible neuralgic pains with screaming and crying; the patient is doubled over in pain
  • Anger, irritability, wants to be left alone¬†
  • Suppressed emotions – especially anger – leading to colicky and neuralgic pains
  • Better for hard pressure, bending double, heat, rest, gentle motion; worse for emotions, anger, after eating or drinking

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