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Coffea – Coffee

As one might expect from a remedy made from coffee, the central affinities of Coffea are the central nervous system, the neuro-muscular system, the heart and the mind. 

Coffea has proven itself to be an invaluable remedy in treating insomnia and neuralgic pain. The Coff. patient is sensitive to all stimuli and the senses are hyper-acute. The mind races and is overactive, with great mental clarity, easy comprehension and abundant ideas. Insomnia is a thus common symptom for this remedy, the patient lying awake from racing thoughts and mental stimulation or over excitement.

The Coffea hypersensitivity extends to the patient’s experience of pain: there are cracking headaches which feel as though the skull were splitting apart, or as if a nail were embedded in the skulll, worse for mental exertion. Excessively painful periods accompanied by hypersensitivity of the vulva and vagina are also hallmarks of Coffea. There may be shooting pains in the arms and legs, worse for motion, but better for pressure; or unbearable toothache which is only soothed by holding iced water in the mouth. The pains of Coffea are intolerable and drive the patient to weeping and despair. 

Think of Coffea also during menopause for hot flushes, faintness, sleeplessness and palpitations. 

  • Nerves, circulation, sexual organs, mind, 
  • Insomnia from excessive mental stimulation
  • Nervous agitation and restlessness
  • Aversion to and aggravation from open air
  • Toothache better for holding iced water in the mouth
  • Intensely painful colic
  • Ailments during menopause
  • Cracking and boring headaches worse for mental exertion
  • Worse for noise, touch, odours, open air, mental exertion; better for lying down, rest.

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