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Coccus Cacti- Cochineal

Primarily affecting the mucous membranes, Coc-c. is an excellent remedy in the treatment of paroxysmal cough where the symptoms agree. The cough is spasmodic, suffocative, tickling or choking and may end with bouts vomiting of tough mucous. There may be constant coughing and hawking as the patient tries to dislodge the accumulation of thick, viscid mucous from the back of the throat. The cough is worse at night and on waking, forcing the patient to sit up; the patient coughs and perspires from the least exertion.

The Coc-c. mucous membranes are irritated and sensitive to the touch: there may be pain in the vagina during intercourse, the sensation of a crumb or hair in the larynx, or of a foreign body in between the upper eyelid and the eyeball, while the simple task of brushing the teeth can bring on attacks of coughing. There may also be an intolerable sensation of internal itching.

Coc-c. is characterised by thick, ropy and viscous discharges which are difficult to expel. After coughing the patient may have clear, gelatinous mucous hanging in long strings from the mouth. The menses, too, are ropy, thick and profuse, often with dark clots of blood which are expelled during urination.

  • Irritation of mucous membranes
  • Spasmodic and whooping coughs worse in the morning on waking
  • Chronic bronchitis, tickling and choking coughs
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Brick-red sediment in the urine, with cutting pains from kidneys to badder
  • Thick, ropy discharges
  • Generalised sensation of heat
  • Frequent thirst for large quantities, with dryness of mouth and tongue
  • Better for cold drinks and in open air; worse for warmth (of room, air, drinks)

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