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Cocculus – Indian Cockle

Cocculus has an affinity with the central nervous system and exhibits contractions, spasms and paralysis on the physical level, along with mental confusion, torpor and eventually unconsciousness. 

A handy remedy to take with you on any journey, Cocculus can ameliorate motion sickness with nausea and vertigo, which is worse for any movement. Similarly, it can come in very handy for jet lag, where the traveller feels “spacey” and exhausted. There may be a sensation of hollowness or emptiness in the head, or of lightness of the body.

A Cocculus state can also arise from a combination of physical and emotional stress such as nursing a loved one, as the loss of sleep, combined with anxiety about the sick person, leads to mental and physical exhaustion with prostration.

  • Motion sickness and jet lag: may be given in the 30c potency for two days before travelling as a preventative, and repeated as required during the journey
  • Ailments from cares and worries accompanied by physical stress
  • Worse for lack of sleep
  • Dizziness, nausea and vertigo, worse for motion of any kind
  • Whirling vertigo on sitting in bed¬†
  • Reactions and thoughts are dull and slow; sensation as if time passes too quickly
  • Nausea from sight or smell of food

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30c Potency