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Cimicifuga – Black Cohosh

Traditionally used in its herbal form (Black Cohosh) for menstrual symptoms, slow childbirth and rheumatic complaints, Cimicifuga has an affinity for the cerebrospinal and muscular system and the pelvic organs. 

With its tendency to uterine cramps accompanied by sensations of heaviness in the limbs and an aching back, Cimicifuga can be an excellent remedy for period pains. There may be pain in the ovaries, across the pelvis and from hip to hip, which cause the patient to double over. This remedy can also help to rebalance excessive menstrual bleeding, where the flow is profuse, dark, offensive or coagulated. 

During pregnancy, Cimicifuga can often alleviate morning sickness when accompanied by belching and headaches. 

Think of Cimic. during labour when there is dizziness and even fainting from severe pain. This remedy can also be used to restore contractions to a healthy rhythm if they have become irregular, spasmodic or have ceased entirely. The cervix may be rigid, or may alternate between dilation and spasmodic contraction. The labouring mother is often frightened, with a great fear of death or insanity.

Post-natally this remedy can help when the placenta does not deliver freely due to uterine inertia. There will be tearing pains in the uterus but an absence of contractions. Cimicifuga may also be used to ease after-pains across the lower abdomen which extend into the groins. The pains are spasmodic, with great exhaustion and muscular weakness. 

Post natal depression with tearful moods and sighing may also be alleviated by this remedy. The patient feels trapped having to care for her baby and feels worse in the afternoon.

  • An excellent remedy for menstrual complaints, pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • Muscular and crampy pains
  • Neuralgic pains like electric shocks
  • Symptoms change constantly or alternate between physical and psychological; pains fly about or shift from side to side;¬†
  • Sighing and deep sadness
  • Chilly, but better in open air
  • Uterus fails to return to its normal size following birth or miscarriage

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