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Chlorum – Chlorine

Exceedingly toxic in its base state, Chlorine in its homeopathic form Chlorum is an extremely useful remedy with a marked effect on the respiratory organs, larynx, mucous membranes, nerves and skin.

The central idea of this remedy is a sense of constriction and suffocation. An inability to swallow is accompanied by a choking sensation. There may be irritation and spasm of the epiglottis, larynx and bronchi, with sudden hoarseness or loss of voice in damp weather.

Unusually, although the patient may breathe in normally, exhalation is difficult. There may be aching, ticking or whistling in the pit of the throat, while the lower chest may feel constricted as though held in by a tight band. 

The Chlorum mucous membranes are ulcerated and inflamed. The mouth is extremely dry, with a putrid odour, and the tongue appears almost black. The nostrils also appear dark and sooty and may be prone to sudden gushes of sharp, corrosive fluid. The skin may be sensitive, dry, shrivelled-looking or yellow. 

On the mental level, there is a marked fear of becoming mad and losing one’s senses, or a fear of poverty and of not being able to earn a living. The memory is weak, especially for names. There may be a restless desire to walk, but the desire dissipates as soon as the patient is outside. 

  • Constriction and suffocation
  • Irritation of the respiratory organs
  • Laboured breathing from spasms of vocal cords
  • Breathing in is normal but breathing out is difficult
  • Ulceration and inflammation of mucous membranes
  • Better for open air and motion; worse breathing out, lying down, after midnight

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