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China – Peruvian Bark / Cinchona Officinalis

The first remedy ever to have been proven by Hahnemann, China affects the blood, circulation, secretions, nerves and mucous membranes.

This is an excellent remedy for exhaustion from loss of fluids or severe dehydration, for example following fever, excessive lactation, profuse perspiration or diarrhoea. The circulation is impaired, with congestion and haemorrhages resulting in complete collapse. There may be haemorrhages from any or every orifice of the body, with ringing in the ears, fainting, general coldness and convulsions.

Think of China for haemorrhage with complete collapse after labour.

  • Weakness, oversensitivity, nervousness; everything upsets the patient
  • No. 1 remedy for dehydration
  • Ailments from loss of fluids/ severe dehydration, e.g. after fever, haemorrhage or diarrhoea
  • Abdomen is bloated but is not relieved by belching
  • Bursting and throbbing pains
  • Intense, throbbing headache as if the skull would burst after loss of fluids
  • Marked intermittent periodicity during fever
  • Sensitivity to the cold, worse during foggy, cold or damp weather¬†
  • Better for hard pressure, lying down, loose clothing; worse for touch

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