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Chamomilla – Chamomile

One of the most useful remedies for teething children, Chamomilla is characterised by oversensitivity to pain.

Think of this remedy when the child is excessively irritable, distressed, and only settles when carried. They do not want to be spoken to or touched. Their head may be hot and sweaty and the child feels generally better for being uncovered. A particular sign to look for is that the teething child will have one bright red cheek. 

While this is an excellent teething remedy, it is also great for colic, colds, earaches and fevers where the symptoms agree. The picture will be one of irritability, oversensitivity, restlessness, heat and wanting to be carried or rocked. 

Chamomilla can also be of tremendous help during labour, when the labour pains seem unbearable and the labouring woman is angry, despairing, irritable and feels she cannot go on. In breastfeeding mothers, Chamomilla can once again come to the rescue when the nipples are tender, inflamed and so painful that the mother is irritable and unable to feed her child.

  • Oversensitive to all pain, irritable, thirsty, hot and numb
  • Teething children who are irritable and oversensitive
  • Redness of one cheek
  • Desire to be carries or rocked
  • Labour pains are unbearable, the labouring mother is angry and feels she cannot go on
  • Breastfeeding issues with heat, inflammation and pain of the nipples where the mother is angry and cannot feed her child
  • Pain with numbness of the affected parts
  • Stools may be green, slimy, hot, undigested
  • Diarrhoea during teething

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