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Causticum – Potassium Hydrate

Causticum is characterised by the theme of progressive weakness and paralysis on all levels. Ailments are often brought on as a result of sudden emotional stress or, conversely, from long lasting grief or worry.

On the physical level, this theme of paralysis is expressed in chronic rheumatic, arthritic and paralytic conditions with drawing and tearing pains and progressive loss of strength. There may be local paralysis of the vocal cords, tongue, eyelids, face, bladder or extremities, along with tearing rheumatic pains in the limbs and burning in the joints. 

On the mental and emotional levels, ailments from cares and worries, fear that something will happen, and anxiety for others and for the future leave the Causticum individual exhausted, despondent and hopeless. Fixed ideas such as idealism and intolerance of any form of injustice also serve to harden the mind, which gets tired, weak and eventually begins to break down. 

  • Anxiety for others, for the future, fear that something will happen
  • Gradual paralysis on all levels
  • Cannot tolerate injustice
  • Weeping from sympathy with others
  • Tearing, drawing and burning pains
  • Deformities of joints; rheumatoid arthritis where the joints arrest and deformed
  • Ailments from grief or internal suffering
  • Weakness of memory
  • Localised paralytic affections, especially as a result of exposure to dry, cold winds
  • Chilly, desires cold drinks, better for sips of cold water
  • Warts on the hands and face

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10g 2mm pillules with stopper, 10g pillules, 15ml liquid dropper, 30ml Spray


30c Potency, 200c Potency


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