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Caulophyllum – Blue Cohosh

With a particular affinity for the female organs and the nerves, Caulophyllum is an essential remedy during pregnancy and labour and is characterised by weakness, exhaustion and lack of tone.

Before conception and in the early days of pregnancy, this remedy can be of great use to women who have had multiple miscarriages due to uterine weakness. Later, during the final months of pregnancy, Caul. can be used to soothe Braxton Hicks contractions (“false labour pains”).

Think of this remedy during labour, when contractions are irregular, or have ceased altogether due to exhaustion. A dose of Caul. can revive the mother and restart the stalled birthing process (it is for this reason that Caulophyllum is sometimes colloquially referred to as “rocket fuel”).

Following delivery, unbearable after-pains across the lower abdomen and groin can also be relieved by this remedy. Weakness of the uterine muscles can can lead to retention of the placenta and haemorrhage after delivery, both of which may be greatly improved by Caulophyllum.

The characteristic Caul. labour pains are intermittent, sharp and cramping, and change location every few minutes. 

  • Ailments during pregnancy and labour
  • Braxton Hicks contractions¬†
  • Extremely painful but ineffective labour pains; pains fly about from place to place
  • Labour stalls due to exhaustion
  • Unbearable after pains
  • Bearing down pains and uterine spasms
  • Tendency to miscarriage
  • Severe period pains, labour-like pains
  • Rheumatism, particularly in the small joints and related to the menstrual cycle

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