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Carbo Animalis – Animal Charcoal

As is the case for all Carbon remedies, Carb. An. has a tendency to putrid discharges and breath, along with glandular enlargements, catarrhal states, flatulence, choking and skin complaints including excoriation and inflammation.

On a mental level, the Carb. An. patient avoids conversation, is sad, reflective and wants to be left alone. They may feel homesick, or nostalgic, yearning for a former time. At night in bed they have a fear of suffocation (choking) which is worse on closing the eyes.

Physically, Carb. An. is characterised by weakness, malignancies and slow-developing cancers with burning pains. Well suited to elderly patients with lowered vitality, Carb. An. may display rheumatic stiffness, weakness or easy dislocation of the joints. The teeth may be loose and the gums bleeding. The digestion is poor, with a weak, sore and empty feeling in the pit of the stomach. There is a tendency to hard, swollen glands, in the neck, armpits, groin or breasts, with cutting and burning pains. 

The typical Carb. An. headache feels like a tornado, or as if the head had been blown to pieces; the patient must sit up and hold the head. 

Discharges are foul smelling and exhausting; there may be profuse perspiration, especially at night. 

  • Longing for the past; homesick; forsaken feeling
  • Weak digestion with empty sensation and flatulence
  • Aversion to rich and fatty food; desires whisky, alcohol, refreshing things, sauerkraut;
  • Slow moving cancerous affections, particularly of neck of uterus and the glands
  • Painful lumps in the breasts
  • Painful, hard swelling of glands
  • Foul smelling discharges
  • General weakness
  • Weakness in nursing mothers

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