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Cantharis – Spanish Fly

Characterised by burning pains and sensations, think of Cantharis for all burns and scalds including sunburn and burning infections of the skin.

Violent burning pains run right through this remedy, which has an affinity tor the mucous and serous membranes, particularly the urinary organs. Cantharis is invaluable in urinary tract infections, with retention of urine accompanied by spasms and pain in the bladder. There may be a constant desire to urinate but only a few, scalding drops are passed each time.

The Cantharis pains are raw, cutting and burning. There may be violent burning with soreness and oversensitivity of the whole body; alternatively, the burning sensation may be located in one area of the body, most notably the urinary or sexual organs, with inflammation and a desire to ease the symptoms by rubbing the affected parts.

The soles of the feet may burn at night in bed; there may be vesicular eruptions with burning and itching.

  • Burns and scalds, including sunburn
  • Cystitis and other urinary tract infections
  • Great burning and distress in the urethra
  • Painful retention of urine
  • Uneasiness, restlessness and dissatisfaction
  • Excessive sexual desire; inflammation of the sexual organs with a desire to rub at the affected parts
  • Burning and scalded sensations
  • Vesicular eruptions with burning and itching
  • Sore throats with burning and stinging pains
  • Better for: cold / cold applications; rest; rubbing; lying quietly; worse for: urinating (before, during and after); drinking; heat; coffee; the sight or sound of running water; at night.

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