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Camphora РCamphor 

This remedy has an affinity for the mind, central nervous system, circulation, digestive tract and the urinary organs and is characterised by coldness, cramps, convulsions and collapse.

The Camphor state is one of complete collapse. The whole body is icy cold to the touch and may even have a bluish tinge. Despite this, however, the patient refuses to be covered.

Think of this remedy for shock with complete collapse; also for tetanus with a sensation of coldness and possible convulsions. The face is deathly-white, while the extremities may be icy cold and blue.

  • Violent convulsions
  • Shock, especially following injury
  • Collapse with anxiety and restlessness, skin and breath are cold
  • Tetanus with collapse, coldness and convulsions
  • Pains with a cold sensation
  • Pains are throbbing, burning or pressing
  • Useful in the long-term effects of measles

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