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Around 250 pillules in each 10g, amber glass bottle. Expiry date: 5 years.

Calendula – Marigold

Calendula is the Homeopathic wound healer par excellence. Whether applied topically or taken internally, this is the number one remedy for excessively painful open or suppurating wounds, skin that will not heal, ulcers, bed sores, rashes, inflammations and so much more.

Think of this remedy (applied topically in tincture or cream form) for nappy rash, or for irritated, cracked or chapped nipples during breastfeeding.  It is an excellent and soothing healer for grazes and cuts (particularly where the edges of the cut are ragged),  as well as for superficial burns and for skin inflammations. After loss or extraction of teeth, Calendula can help to stem the flow of blood and will promote rapid healing.

  • Wounds that do not heal properly, or take too long to heal
  • Injuries and wounds that bleed excessively or become infected
  • Nappy rash
  • Cracked, irritated and painful nipples in nursing mothers
  • Disproportionate and excessive pain at the site of injury
  • Superficial burns
  • Cuts, grazes and skin irritations
  • After loss or extraction of teeth when the blood flows is excessive

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3g pillules, 10g pillules, 15ml liquid dropper, 30ml Spray


30c Potency