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Calcarea Sulphurica РPlaster of Paris 

The central theme of Calc. Sulph. is suppuration, with constant oozing of thick, yellow pus. Calc. Sulph. primarily affects the connective tissue, glands, mucous membranes, bones and skin. 

Think of this remedy in cases of purulent eczema with yellowish scales, in sluggish glandular swellings, cystic tumours or fibroids. It is an excellent remedy for the treatment of conjunctivitis, where there is inflammation of the eyes with thick yellow discharge; also for the treatment of tonsillitis where there is suppuration of the affected area. The cough may be barking and croupy, worse for getting wet and with the usual Calc.Sulph. purulent expectoration. The skin cracks during winter or after washing and does not heal. 

  • Suppuration – thick, free-flowing yellow discharges
  • All discharges (including diarrhoea) are purulent
  • Tonsillitis with ulceration / suppuration of the throat and tonsils
  • Conjunctivitis where there is inflammation of the eyes with thick yellow discharge
  • Pimples, pustules and cold sores with thick yellow discharge
  • Warm blooded individuals who are worse for becoming overheated

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10g pillules, 15ml liquid dropper, 30ml Spray


6x Tissue Salt potency, 30c Potency


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