Calc sil 200c (Calcarea Silicata)

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Calcarea Silicata – Silicate of Calcium

This is a long-acting remedy for slow moving and chronic conditions. 

A combination of Calcarea, with its central theme of insecurity and the need for protection, and Silica, with its need to maintain standards in order to feel secure, Calc. Sil. presents a picture of needing to keep up a particular standard in order to achieve the security it needs (See Sankaran, The Soul of Remedies). 

This patient is yielding, lacks confidence and is unable to stand up for themselves; sensitive to reprimands, they will avoid confrontation of any kind.

Physically, the Calc. Sil. patient is weak, emaciated, and generally over-sensitive. Cold affects them badly; they may feel chilly, but are made worse from being overheated. The soles of the feet and the palms of the hands are often sweaty; the fingertips may be covered in cold sweat.

Think of Calc. Sil. in suppurative illnesses such as sinusitis in which the nasal discharges are thick, yellow and form hard crusts around the nostrils; bronchitis where the patient coughs from exposure to cold and has pain the the chest walls; or in chronic respiratory illness where there is copious yellow-green expectoration.

  • Fearful, lacking confidence, anticipatory anxiety
  • Suppuration with yellow, thick, offensive discharges
  • Cold but worse for being overheated (clothing, warm room)
  • Lean and chilly individuals with sweaty palms and soles
  • Very thirsty
  • Skin may be itching, burning
  • Pains are cutting, stitching or burning

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