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Around 250 pillules in each 10g, amber glass bottle. Expiry date: 5 years.

Calcarea  Phosphorica РPhosphate of Lime

While Calc. Phos has many symptoms in common with its cousin Calc. Carb., (including fontanelles slow to close, delayed dentition, low muscle tone and feeble digestion), it also has many points of difference and individual features of its own. Where Calc. Carb. yearns for the safety and quiet of home, Calc. Phos. craves constant change and travel. This can also be expressed as contrariness or dissatisfaction: when at home they desire to go out, but once out they long to go home. 

The theme of weakness runs throughout this remedy. The memory is weak, with a tendency to use wrong words when speaking and writing. Mental exertion is both difficult and exhausting and often brings on a dull headache, worse from the least jolt or pressure. Physically, the bones may be thin and brittle; the teeth are weak, soft and prone to early decay. The Calc. Phos. child often grows rapidly and can be thin to the point of emaciation (weak assimilation / digestion) and barely able to stand, while elderly Calc. Phos individuals stagger on rising.

The Calc. Phos. patient suffers from weak digestion and assimilation: the infant wants to feed constantly, but vomits and has colic after every feed, whether breast milk or formula. The stools are green, slimy and undigested, accompanied by great flatulence. 

Think of this remedy also for uterine prolapses and for labour-like pains before and after menses.  

  • Symptoms may appear after grief, anger or disappointment
  • Craves smoked and salted meats, especially bacon and ham
  • Intolerant to milk
  • Delayed dentition
  • Affinity with the bones, cartilage and glands
  • Mental exertion is exhausting and brings on a headache
  • Peevish, discontented, dissatisfied
  • Weakness, loss of energy
  • All symptoms are worse from any change of weather

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10g pillules, 15ml liquid dropper, 30ml Spray


6x Tissue Salt potency, 30c Potency, 200c Potency