Bush Kit – 10 x 3g (60+ pillules each)

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1. Apis 30c – insect stings, allergic reactions, redness, swelling, etc.
2. Arnica 30c – accidents, injuries, bumps, bruises, bleeding, blood noses, shock etc
3. Histaminum 30c – useful for histamine reactions from all sources, incl. insect stings or reactions to plants
4. Hypericum 30c –¬†injuries to nerve rich areas eg. fingers, coccyx, also shooting/nerve type pains and useful for cuts or lacerated wounds
5. Insect sting support – useful for pain, redness, swelling etc from various insect stings
6. Lachesis 200c – Bites and stings with purple, mottled look
7. Ledum 30c – insect stings, animal bites, puncture wounds, blunt trauma to the eye, old bruises etc.
8. Pollens & Grasses – combination remedy to treat various effects from all pollens and grasses
9. Sol 30c – useful for symptoms from exposure to the sun and reduce susceptibility to sunburn
10. Urtica Urens 30c – for itchy hives from any source

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Weight 100 g
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