Blood Sugar Balance 50M BR2 (Narayani) 10g

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USAGE – Tired; low pressure and low sugar, or diabetic; white eyelids, exhausted, aching body. Without question 95% of patients need this remedy because, in most cases, the emotions and stress affect the pancreas and spleen. No matter what ailment is present, this remedy is a must as a background. It has taken patients slowly off insulin; brought others out of terrible mental fears and depressions when used in conjunction with FEAR BALANCE and DEPRESSION BALANCE. It has put those with the dreaded Yuppy Flu (ME) on their feet in a matter of days, when used with FEVER BALANCE.

NB. Originally called Diabetic Balance. It was soon evident that this remedy balanced an unstable pancreas, thereby proving to be an excellent remedy for both diabetes and hypoglycaemia. Swami Narayani’s supreme remedy.


• HOMEO – Alfalfa, Iris ver, Nat sulph, Syzygium, Urtica

• ORGANO – ACTH, Duodenum, Glucagon, Insulin, Islets of Langerhans, Pancreatin,

Pancreas, Pancreatic juice, Vagus Nerve.

DOSAGE: 3 times daily. If the patient is very low, then 6 times daily. In desperate cases, dissolve 10 pillules in water and give a teaspoon every 15 minutes, until vitality begins to return, then reduce. When dealing with a every emotional person, give FEAR and DEPRESSION BALANCE 3 times daily, until they are able to cope with their problems.

*This excerpt was taken from the book “Narayani Remedies, Written by Nimisha Parker. Published by Primedia eLauch LLC Copyright 2010.”

Approximately 200 pillules in each 10g, amber glass bottle. Expiry date: 5 years.

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