Blood 200CH Mix 2 (Narayani) 10g

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USAGE: Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, Haemoglobin, Eyes (optic nerve), Nervous system, Lungs, Metabolism. About ninety percent of people have “borderline” anaemia.

Sometimes, their symptoms are due only to this. It is a wonderful remedy to use in conjunction with any treatment, or on its own. This remedy clears many symptoms.

After a month there is a marked improvement of the entire system, leaving a clear sign for the next remedy, if needed at all.


• China (Cinchona) – Liver, spleen; debilitated mentally and physically; anaemia; headaches, bloodlessness; intermittent fever; sweats.

• Chinin Sulph – Spleen, blood cells, haemoglobin; balances system in overuse of quinine.

• Cuprum met – Copper is essential to assimilate iron. Hence this remedy.

• Ferrum met (Iron) – works on composition of blood; attracts oxygen; low mentally and physically; weak and anaemic; headaches.

• Nat mur – For young people growing too rapidly; spleen; low mentally and physically; headaches; pancreas; palpitations; anaemic; weak and weary; intermittent fever; sweats.

• Pancreatin – pancreas; therefore it works on the sugar balance and blood sugar; liver, spleen, eyes

• Phosphoric Acid – young people growing too rapidly; liver, spleen, pancreas, anaemia, composition of blood, optic nerve, eyes, headaches, sweats, nervous system, lungs, metabolism, prostrated and weak

DOSAGE: if a person is low – 3 times daily. As he improves, reduce to 2 times daily – then once daily.

*This excerpt was taken from the book “Narayani Remedies, Written by Nimisha Parker. Published by Primedia eLauch LLC Copyright 2010.”

Approximately 200 pillules in each 10g, amber glass bottle. Expiry date: 5 years.

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