Birth Kit – 10 x 3g remedies (60+ pillules each)

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This kit contains the following 3g remedies;

1. Arnica 30c – fatigue during labour, prevent retained palcenta, bleeding, speeds up healing

2. Aconite 30c – intense/fast labour, fright/shock during/after birth for both Mum & Bub

3. Bellis 30c – sore, bruised, stiff feeling in uterus and lower abdomen, healing after C-section, pains in groin during pregnancy

4.  Caulophyllum 200c Рineffectual/irregular contractions & cervix not dilating sufficiently

5. Chamomilla 200c – labour pains nwith irritability, anger and extreme sensitivity

6. Gelsemium 30c – fear of birth, feelings of exhaustion, trembling, shivering, nervousness

7. Hypericum 30c – perineal tear, episiotomy, surery or injury to coccyx during labour

8. Mag Phos – cramping pains, relaxes muscles, useful for all types of muscle cramps

9. Pulsatilla 200c – labour pains with clingy and weepiness. Useful for natural induction

10. Sepia 200c – rebalance hormones after birth, also useful for pregnancy nausea

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