Back Pain 30CH Mix 38 (Narayani) 10g

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USAGE: All back pains.


• Ant tart – violent pain in sacro-lumber region. Movement could cause retching.

Heavy weight at the coccyx, dragging downwards.

• Arnica – for all injuries, or overstraining. A muscular tonic. Sore, lame, bruised feeling.

• Variolinum – excruciating back ache with aching legs. Pains shift to abdomen.

• Tellurium – very sensitive back. Pain from the 7h cervical to the 5th dorsal vertebra.

Very sensitive to touch. Sciatica.

• Bellis perennis – acts on muscular fibres. First remedy in injuries to deeper tissues.

Sore bruised feeling in pelvic region. Sprains and strains with great soreness and stiffness.

• Spinal Integrity – (Tansley)

DOSAGE – According to the state of the patient. Can be given one dose every 15-30

mins till there is relief and follow with 3 times daily and reduce with improvement.

*This excerpt was taken from the book “Narayani Remedies, Written by Nimisha Parker. Published by Primedia eLauch LLC Copyright 2010.”

Approximately 200 pillules in each 10g, amber glass bottle. Expiry date: 5 years.

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