Australian Bush Flower Essence – Bossy Boots 30ml

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Created for children with a very big, dominating personality, who like to be in charge and tell others what to do. It aids one to be open to new experiences and ways of doing things; addresses any obsession; assists the perfectionist who is totally unhappy unless things are the way they feel that they should be and where everyone has to do it their way. Essences have been included for stubbornness, self-centredness and being more open to the needs of those around them.

This powerful synergetic remedy contains the following Bush Flower Essences:

Bauhinia,  Boronia,  Gymea Lily,  Hibbertia,  Isopogon, Kangaroo Paw, and Rough Bluebell.

Easy to Use: 7 drops under the tongue, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. For optimal shelf life,  a small amount of brandy is used as a preservative. There is less than one drop of alcohol per dose. For anyone not wishing a child to ingest alcohol, the 7 drops can be applied topically to the crown of the head or wrist pulse points or diluted in water. Alternatively, place drops into hot water (the temperature at which you would drink a cup of tea) which will evaporate the alcohol.

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