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Around 400 pillules in each 10g, amber glass bottle. Expiry date: 5 years.

Antimonium Crudum -Black Sulphide of Antimony

Think of this remedy when there is excessive irritability and fretfulness, accompanied by a thickly-coated white tongue. 

Sullen, sulky and easily angered, the Ant-Crud. patient does not want to be spoken to, touched or looked at. The eyes may be sore, with inflamed lids, while the nostrils and corners of the mouth are painful, cracked and crusty.  The skin may exhibit eczema, pimples, measles-like eruptions, warts or pustular eruptions. There may be painful horny warts on the hands and the soles of the feet.

Digestive disturbances accompany many of the patient’s ailments, with belching, heartburn, nausea and vomiting. Constipation alternates with diarrhoea.

Complaints arise after catching cold, being over heated or over-eating.

  • Sulky and easily angered
  • Does not want to speak or to be spoken to
  • Complaints from catching cold, from over eating or from over heating
  • Thick, white coating on tongue
  • Painfully cracked and crusty mouth and nostrils
  • Inflammation of eyelids
  • Belching, heartburn, nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhoea alternates with constipation

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10g pillules, 15ml liquid dropper, 30ml Spray