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Around 250 pillules per 10g bottle. Exp 5 years

Alumina – Oxide of Aluminium

Made from Aluminium Oxide, this remedy is characterised by dryness, weakness and retention all levels. 

Think of this remedy for severe constipation (retention / dryness) with great straining to produce even the smallest amount of stool (weakness), which is often hard and dry.

There is an inability to digest starchy food, especially potatoes, which cause heaviness, indigestion, bloating and pain. The patient craves indigestible things such as clay, earth, chalk and charcoal. The limbs are weak and heavy.

Mentally there may be a sense of internal haste but with slowness of execution and comprehension (weakness of mind). Time seems to pass too slowly.

  • Dryness, weakness and retention
  • Severe constipation with great straining¬†
  • Inability to digest starchy foods
  • Craves indigestible foods – chalk, earth, etc.¬†
  • Internal sense of haste with slowness of execution and comprehension
  • Worse in the morning, better in the evening

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10g 2mm pillules with stopper, 10g pillules, 15ml liquid dropper, 30ml Spray


30c Potency


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