Allergy B 200CH Mix 62 (Narayani) 10g

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ALLERGY B – 200CH (MIX 62)

USAGE: Allergic conditions of skin, nasal mucus membrane and chest – asthma, hayfever. If the skin is affected when chest or sinus are affected give Chest Mix or Sinus Mix with it.


• Feathers, Grass pollen, Haydust, House dust – These are potentised and made into homeopathic remedies. If any of these items in their gross form bring on an attack then Allergy B will help them.

• Histamine – used in Allopathy to alleviate allergies.

• Lac Feline – this is the milk from a cat and is for those allergic to cats.

DOSAGE – When acute give 6 times daily. Give Urtica 30 6 times daily with it.

*This excerpt was taken from the book “Narayani Remedies, Written by Nimisha Parker. Published by Primedia eLauch LLC Copyright 2010.”

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