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Around 250 pillules in each 10g, amber glass bottle. Expiry date: 5 years.

Aconite – Monkshood

Made from Monkshood or Wolf’s-Bane, Aconite is the first remedy to think of when you want to nip colds, fevers and inflammations in the bud. 

Although Monkshood itself is highly toxic, the Homeopathic version is perfectly safe to ingest due to the process of dilution and succussion, which reduces the substance to its energetic signature.

Aconite complaints are sudden, violent and painful and may be accompanied by great fear, anxiety and anguish of mind (fear of death, patient cries out and believes they are dying). 

There is great physical and mental restlessness, while intolerable pains lead to an aversion to being touched or uncovered.

The patient may present with a marked chill, followed by a high fever with flushed face and burning head. There is a general tendency towards heat, redness, swelling and bursting sensations, along with an intense thirst for large quantities of cold water

Symptoms may come on after exposure to dry, cold wind, or after fright or shock.

  • Sudden, violent onset
  • Intolerable pains
  • Great fear and anxiety
  • Fear of death, patient may even predict the time of their own death
  • Physical and mental restlessness
  • Aversion to being touched or uncovered

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3g pillules, 10g 2mm pillules with stopper, 10g pillules, 15ml liquid dropper, 30ml Spray


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