Acne 200CH Mix 61 (Narayani) 10g

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USAGE : Skin – with or without pus formation. Excellent for young people who extremely emotional -fainting – laughing – crying – drama, upsetting the body’s balance. Use with Hysteria Bal and Blood Sugar Bal. TDS BREAKDOWN

• Nat Phos – balances acid in the body.

• Nux Mosch – extreme dryness of skin. Very emotional; changeable

• Staphylococci & Strepheam – pus producing viruses which attack the epidermis.

• Vitamin A – wonderful skin strengthener.

• Zinc Met – red eruptions on skin; emotionally unstable, sensitive, melancholic.

DOSAGE – 3 times a day, over a long period; diet is important. No rich foods, sweets, caffeine and soft drinks.

*This excerpt was taken from the book “Narayani Remedies, Written by Nimisha Parker. Published by Primedia eLauch LLC Copyright 2010.”

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