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Atena is a passionate home user of homeopathy and a member of Eugenie’s Support Group. She discovered homeopathy only a short time ago when looking for a better way to support the health of her young family and herself. Atena is about to graduate as a lawyer.

Recently, Eugenie spoke to Atena about what drew her to homeopathy, why she uses it exclusively and what challenges she faced in learning how to take care of her family at home.

Atena began her homeopathic journey when she could not get on top of her daughter’s allergies. ‘I thought, I’m done with Doctors – I need to get to the root cause of this’. That was when her Sister-in-Law suggested homeopathy, which lead her to Eugenie’s Support Group.

To gain access to Eugenie’s group, completion of Eugenie’s Homeopathy@Home online course is required, which gives everyone the same starting point. Atena watched the course over and over again. ‘It opened Pandora’s Box for me’. Careful not to miss a beat, she would sit in bed when the kids were asleep, watching and writing notes on the course.

She was committed from that point in – throwing all her medications into a rubbish bin so that she would persist with homeopathy rather than take the easier route. ‘If it’s not there I’m going to persist with my homeopathy. It will push me to only use that and it will teach me how to manage it’.

Only eight months into her homeopathic journey, this ‘all in or all out’ approach has fast-tracked Atena into managing all her family’s acute health needs; even complicated acutes such as the recent cough that hit her family.

The cough going around this winter of 2021 has been a most unusual, vicious cough. Both of Atena’s daughters contracted the cough – one responding nicely to the Cough Combo, while her other daughter was a trickier fix. 

Atena took both daughters to the doctor, who said that the cough would last up to six weeks. Unhappy with that time frame, she persisted with homeopathy, trying many different single remedies until she came across the mental/emotional picture for Ipecac in the Encyclopaedia of Homeopathy. Her eldest daughter, still ill, fit the picture. Within 24 hours of starting Ipecac, the cough was gone. There have been no lingering coughs since.

‘It’s not just about the symptoms that you see face value. It’s also the way they’re feeling, the way that they’re acting, how they feel mood-wise…triggers, if you’ve had a stressful weekend…that plays a very big role – what makes them feel better, what makes them feel worse’.

Her husband was initially very skeptical, but after seeing and feeling the results for himself, he will now often ask for remedies. ‘He says I’ve got heartburn…do you have something for me? If he comes home and he’s pulled his tendon…24 hours later he’s fine’.

Nux Vomica is also always on hand for her youngest daughter’s allergies to gluten. ‘I keep Nux Vomica in my handbag and take it along with me. I’ll dose her before and after the party. She doesn’t react to the gluten – there’s no complaints anymore! It’s fantastic!’.

As for Atena, studying to be a lawyer and a mother with young children, she used homeopathy to support her stress. ‘Before Id just think I need to get some stress remedy things or ginkgo, but now I’ve got my kit and I go straight there’. She says remedies helped the ‘scatterbrain’ and for the stress of exam time. ‘I need something to calm me down and get that anxiety out of me. Gelsemium, Nux Vomica and Aconite helped me’.

She also uses Mag Phos regularly to support her cramping muscles in bed. ‘I dose myself thinking ‘how am I going to fall asleep? My foot is twitching, it’s spasming. I have it, and I fall asleep, and I wake in the morning and my foot is fine’.

When Atena first started learning about using homeopathy at home, she realised this was not her first experience with it. She was prescribed a homeopathic remedy by a doctor in Germany for conjunctivitis and recognised the little pills. Homeopathy is used as much as conventional medication and it is often practice for doctors to prescribe a homeopathic remedy.

Now, with a house full of homeopathic remedies, and her ever-increasing knowledge, she encourages other families to persist with homeopathy, even if it becomes frustrating.
‘At first it was hard to get head my around – where do I start? How to begin? The more you read you gather the outside influences as well – the daily routines, feelings moods – all play a big role.
Just keep persisting. You’ll only get better at it’.