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Celebrating 300 episodes of the Homeopathy Hangout Podcast

Eugenie’s reflections, rants and ramblings...

I want to dedicate this episode to my Mother, Adelaide, who passed away on the 3rd of May this year. She was one of a kind and you can have a look on my socials to see a tribute with some images which I shared about her. I miss her so much every single day, but I know she’s right here with me every step of the way. 


And I want to dedicate this 300th episode to YOU!


Thank you so much for allowing me to hang out in your ear holes. It’s an incredible honour and I really appreciate it with all my heart.

So welcome to our 300th episode – Can’t help but reflecting back on the past 3 years that the podcast has been running. We had a huge party here in Perth for our 100th and 200th episode celebrations, but I have to admit, I just didn’t have the energy for it this year, but a couple of weeks ago we did hit the milestone of half a million downloads, so myself, my husband and our team went out for a lovely breakfast and we did a live draw on intagram for the winner of my podcasting microphone and boom stand, which is the same one I’ve used this entire time.  Truth be told, I do actually have 2 of the exact same – 1 is in the clinic and 1 is at home…which was just as well, because to celebrate the half a million downloads milestone, I bought myself the same mic and boom arm as Joe Rogan…but when it arrived, I realised it only has an XLR cable, so it doesn’t plug into my laptop like my old one did…and turns out I needed another piece of hardware for the XLR cable to plug into, which then controls the sound…and then once I finally got that, I realised I needed a ¼ inc TRS adaptor for my microphone to go into.

So in case you are fooled into thinking I have any idea of what I’m talking about, I really don’t. I’ve just been watching youtube video’s all day and it’s taken me 2 hours, but I’ve finally figured out how to set up my microphone through the audio interface and connect it to garageband. We are so incredibly lucky in this age of information, to be able to learn anything we want online for free in many cases, meaning none of the barriers to entry exist anymore and all you need is an entrepreneurial spirit and some perseverance to make your dreams  come true.

It wouldn’t be fitting doing a 300th episode, without acknowledging Kelly Callahan, the host of the 1M podcast. I’ve mentioned it on the show before, but Kelly was my inspiration for starting this podcast. We moved to some acreage at the start of 2020 and it meant I had a 110km return drive every day to and from the clinic. This is when I found out about podcasts and started listening to them obsessively. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, which made a bit more sense after finding out I’m apparently a Projector in Human Design, which means that my need for constantly learning is excessive.

I’m still learning about Human Design, but I thought this paragraph summed me up quite well. “They are our guides, often driving us to new, better, improved, and more efficient ways of doing things., Their wisdom comes from seeing others, a system, or a concept in a new way.” This is exactly what I hope I’m achieving with this podcast.  So recently, I was a speaker on HomeoSummit and the title of my talk was “Challenging the status quo in Homeopathy” which I thought was quite funny, considering I had the talk mapped out long before I knew about my human design.

So I feel that after 300 episodes, I’ve finally come to realise what my role is in our homeopathic community…and that is to continue bringing you new ideas and information from around the world and hopefully challenge you to broaden your horizons at the same time, while I, myself am growing right alongside you all.

So back to my long drives. After listening to all of Kelly Callahan’s episodes, then all of Joette Calabrese and Sue Meyer’s podcast episodes, it finally dawned on me that I have a few things I want to say as well…maybe I should start my own podcast. So even though I used to work on an internet helpdesk 25 years ago, I’m actually not very IT savvy…but I am very stubborn. So if I want to do something, I usually find a way. As much as youtube annoys me after giving me 2 strikes and banning me from posting new content – TWICE – due to apparent medical misinformation – Youtube is a great platform for learning new skills. So I simply searched “how to start a podcast”…I learned how to use Garage band, how to edit, upload and schedule episodes, how to write show notes and so much more. In only the 3 short years I’ve been podcasting, so much has changed with the advent of AI and incredibly, some of our editing can now be done with AI – mostly in reducing spaces in conversation and removing some umms and aahs, as well as smoothing out the audio, writing show notes and creating time stamps, which 3 years ago, I’d have to put through a separate piece of software to ensure both speakers have their audio on the same level and that some of the background noise is reduced and it would take forever to do the time stamps and show notes. So it’s been quite incredible to see how the podcasting world has changed in such a short period of time.

Also, 3 years ago, there was only a handful of Homeopathy Podcasts, whereas these days we have dozens, which is really great, as everyone has a different flavour and I think it’s important that we have enough of a variety of content out there for everyone to resonate with. And while I’m busy celebrating milestones, I just want to mention that the Homeopathy Hangout Podcast popped into the top 1.5% of all podcasts in the world, a few months ago. Joe Rogan is top  0.01%, so I still have a long way to go…but I’ll be lying if I say I’m not on at least once a week to check the podcast rating. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I’d have a top 1.5% podcast…it’s totally surreal – and the truth is that it is ONLY due to every single one of you listening, that I get to celebrate this milestone. So a huge thank you to each and every one of you who have listened to the podcast and shared it with your family and friends. Also – a massive thank you to all of you who have given me a 5 star on the apps on which you’re listening to this. Last I checked, there were 50 of the 5 star ratings on Apple and 121 on Spotify. And a huge thank you to all of you who have financially donated to the show. It really means the world to me and every time I get to use the donations to pay my editor, instead of it coming out of my own pocket, I literally do a little happy dance.

Speaking of Spotify, I’m in the process of moving from my current podcast host over to Spotify. The reason for this is that Spotify gives podcasters the ability to offer video podcasting, so it means that those of you who listen to this podcast on spotify, will be able to watch the video at the same time if you choose. For anyone who doesn’t use Spotify, don’t worry at all. The new hosting won’t affect how and where you listen to the show.

I also thought I’d have a chat with you about some of the things that I’ve been learning about since having the podcast, that’s made a really big impact on me and funny enough, it’s got nothing to do with homeopathy.

In episode 151 of the podcast, we had Dr Shereen Lim on the show, who wrote a book called “Breathe Sleep Thrive.” It’s about the importance of having good airway health and how that flows on to pretty much every other aspect of our lives. Dr Lim has a great visual in her book, which shows the difference in surface area of a narrow versus a wide palate…and considering our nasal structures rest on the roof of our palate, if we have a narrow palate, there is going to be less airflow through our nasal structures, versus if our nasal passages are resting on a wide palate.

So then we need to ask the question “what will ensure that we have a wide palate.” Some of the things that will help to ensure a wide palate, is breastfeeding as long as possible and not giving too many purees to young children but instead getting them to chew on foods – especially tougher foods like meat – as much as possible. Something which unfortunately has become so socially accepted that you have to be careful in speaking about it, are dummies or pacifiers, because they promote the forward development of the jaw, instead of that nice, wide jaw development, because of the muscles that are used sucking on a dummy. It doesn’t help that there are studies saying that dummy sucking has been linked to reduced cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which means some parents think they’re doing a good thing by making their child suck on a piece of rubber or plastic for hours at a time. That study sounds suspiciously to me like a cover-up masked as a distraction to avoid people looking into the true reasons behind SIDS…which I won’t go into here, because I don’t need Youtube giving me another strike for apparent medical misinformation, because I’m on my last warning before they remove my channel.

There is more info on this fascinating topic, in episode 270 with Natasha Duffin, where we elaborate a bit more on the discussion I had with Dr Lim in episode 151. One of the big flow-on effects of poor airway health, is that it can lead to symptoms which may present similar to ADHD, due to the brain not getting properly oxygenated. I did a post on my socials recently – which I then shared in a mothers group – to share about how dummy sucking affects the jaw and palate development, which leads to poor airway health, which can then lead to symptoms such as ADHD. I wasn’t quite ready for how many Mums were triggered by this, which I found really interesting. Personally, if I’m unknowingly doing something which may not be beneficial to my child’s health, I would want to know about it. I do get it though that some people get personally offended if you offer helpful advice

I just feel that if we can get more information out there on the harm that dummies, pacifiers – and also thumb sucking – are doing to the development of our children’s jaws and palate, which in turn has a flow on effect on speech, their airway health and so much more – then surely that’s worth speaking about. Combined with this, if we can pick up early on that a child does not have correct resting tongue positioning, then this too is going to help expand the palate and help with speech. Being aware of something this simple, means that when clients bring their kiddies to me in clinic for a consult, I always keep an eye on where their tongue is placed when they’re playing. So often, I’ll see kiddies with mouths open and tongues hanging out and as parents, we don’t get taught that this is something we need to look out for. Obviously enlarged tonsils can also play a part, and I usually do a quick check of the tonsils in the clinic as well. When I see kiddies breathing through their mouth with the tongues not in the correct position, I send them off to a orofacial myofunctional specialist like Tash Duffin. And while I’m on this topic, please be sure to check your children at night and make sure they’re sleeping with their mouths closed. Not only does this help to properly oxygenate the brain while you’re sleeping, but it’s also important for your dental health, because the anaerobic bacteria in your mouth can thrive if there is no saliva. The last few months, I’ve discovered a wonderful product called Biome dental, which is a practitioner only product with clinically proven strains that help prevent and heal dental decay. It’s a small sachet with xylitol and 4 proven strains of beneficial oral probiotics. You pour the sachet in your mouth last thing at night, after brushing your teeth and then you mix it with your saliva and make sure it coats your whole mouth and then you go to sleep without eating or drinking anything else, so the good bacteria can form their colonies in your mouth while you’re sleeping.

Something else that’s really come to the forefront of my mind recently, is the huge role that biotoxicity and specifically mould, plays in the symptom picture of chronic illness which we see in our clinics on a daily basis. Friday’s episode – episode 299 – with Dr Terri Fox – sheds light on the importance of considering mould, as the trigger for your client’s ill health. Since I’ve come to learn more about this, I’ve been using the Poly Fungi Plus detox much more often, which is a combination remedy created by Wren Lloyd and PS11.  Mould illness is the underlying reason for so much chronic disease and very few practitioners are aware of the huge impact this can have on our health. So if you haven’t already, scroll back 1 episode and listen to my interview with Dr Terri Fox. A hot tip I can give you is to go to and do the online test to see if mould could be the cause of your chronic headaches, hayfever symptoms, sinusitis, joint pains, weight gain or weight loss and much more.

So for me, looking at the months ahead, I have a few things up my sleeve…The first is the Bali Conference which I’m organising, in September this year, along with Marcus Fernandez, Sarah Valentini and Wren Lloyd. I am ridiculously excited about this because so many of the amazing Hoemopaths I’ve interviewed over the past 3 years, will be joining us in this one of a kind, 3 day event. A couple of our attendees have had some personal things come up, that has meant they’re not able to join us anymore, so I think there’s about 3 tickets still up for grabs if anyone wants to join us.

Some of the other projects I’m working on are creating various online courses. After all the positive feedback I received after my talk on HomeoSummit especially the section in the talk where I spoke about creating combination remedies I have decided that I would like to put together a course teaching homoeopaths how to create their own combination remedies. I used to be the biggest sceptic combination remedies and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started trying some combination remedies myself and I had great results. I started getting more and more requests from clients to make various combination remedies to the point where I have now personally created over 100 combination remedies. Initially I considered selling my combination remedies as medicating potencies to interested homoeopaths. But I have always been somebody who prefers to teach people how to fish rather than just give them a fish. So with that in mind, do keep an eye out for my DIY RX course so do-it-yourself remedies well I’ll be teaching you how I create my own combination remedies and teach you how you can create your own as well. My clever husband has already created a landing page where you can sign up to our newsletter to be alerted when this course is being rolled out, so check out so sign up.

The other project I’m excited about are various summits I will be bringing you, based around a specific health topic, Where I hope to bring in experts from various modalities to help us grasp a truly holistic view of how we can help our clients heal.

And something incrediblyexciting is that I’m hosting the incredible Danica Apolline-Matic in person, here in perth, for a magical 2 day workshop called “SuperHuman.” You can learn more about this by going to

Something else I’ve been dreaming of doing for a very long time, is to publish a book about all the amazing guests and topics we’ve featured on the Homeopthy Hangout Podcast. There’s been some incredible gems of information that our incredible guests have sprinkled throughout the past 3 years and 300 episodes, and I’d love to put together a resource which we can all use to refer to, so do watch this space and if one day I finally manage to pull this off, there will definitely be a book launch party, because I’ve been dreaming of doing this since our first 100 episodes.

Another dream I have is of creating a membership, where I can share the information I’ve been gathering over the past 3 years of running the podcast and the past 10 years of running a very successful Homeopathic practise, where I’ve been average 1000 consultations every year for the past 4 years and I’m currently on track to do the same amount this year…so when you see that amount of people, you definitely learn a thing or two and I would really love to share that knowledge. I wouldn’t be where I am, if it wasn’t for the wonderful teachers I’ve had over the years – and I just want to give a shout out to CHE – Centre for Homeoapthic Education in the UK – with whom I’ve been doing my professional development for the past 5 years. So thank you to the giants whose shoulders we all stand on, who have so generously passed on their knowledge to all of us. I really hope I can be of service in the same way by passing on what I’ve learned, all the while still being aware of the fact that every day I feel like I don’t know anything and I’ll never know all there is to know about this amazing healing art.  

I’ve also had several students reach out to me to ask about mentoring, so that’s something else I’d love to do. I’ve had a dream for the past 8 years of creating a free online homeopathic clinic – we even registered the domain name for this project several years ago. So there is no shortage of ideas. If you want to be one of the first to know about any of my hairbrain schemes that actually become a reality, do sign up for my newsletter at

And while you’re at my website, do go check out our amazing homeopathic kits. We have one of a kind pouch kits, which can clip to your handbag or even the belt loop of your pants when you’re hiking, making it super easy to take with you anywhere you go. We also have double layered labels on many of these remedies, so you can peel back the top layer to reveal more information underneath. I have not seen any kits like this in the entire world and I’m so proud of these gorgeous kits that we’ve created. This is something I’d love to wholesale to Homeopaths around the world, because I believe every Homeopath should have remedies and kits available for their clients to purchase on the spot.

And also, while you’re on my website, go and meet Genie – our Artificial Intelligent bot – who can answer your acute homeopathy questions. You’ll find her in the bottom right hadn corner of my website. Huge kudo’s once again to my IT guru Hubbie who is behind the creation of Genie. We’ve already had so many messages from people thanking us for Genie’s help, as she was able to pick the correct remedies for their acute complaints 24/7 free of charge. I realise many people are against the use of AI, but if you can give a Mother a tool that will instantly tell her which remedy to give her sick child, free of charge, 3am in the morning, surely that’s gotta be a good thing.

And while I’m on the topic of AI and technology…now is the time more so than ever in history, when people with very little experience can come across as seemingly being experts, especially on platforms such as social media, where it’s easy to just have a soundbite here and there with a few well curated images and audio’s to make it seem like someone knows what they’re talking about. Unfortunately, Homeopathy is not free from this façade. The last few years, I’ve been saying that a Homeopathic Revolution is coming and now, it is well and truly here. Every single day, I’m seeing more accounts popping up on Instagram with random people calling themselves Homeopaths after only a few months of online courses. As wonderful as it is that so many people around the world are finally embracing Homeopathy, it’s also very scary that anyone can think it’s ok to call themselves a Homeopath after doing just a few hours of sitting in on some zoom calls. Many of these people have only learned the basics of using protocol prescribing and I shudder to think about the pandora’s box they’re opening with thinking it’s ok to only practise homeopathy in this way.

There are also so many people teaching Homeopathy these days, without ever having had a successful, busy practise themselves. While there’s nothing wrong with learning from people who don’t have much clinical practise themselves, personally, I prefer learning from people who have been in the trenches and have walked the walk. So with all of that, I’m just trying to say that if you’re going to spend your hard earned money learning Homeopathy, make sure you’re learning from somebody who has got a busy, thriving clinical practise and are not only teaching, because they couldn’t get their own clinic up and running.

The same goes for patients. Make sure you find a Homeopath who is properly qualified. Ask about their qualification and where they studied and for how long. Ask about the amount of clinic hours they had to complete before qualifying and if they’re engaged in any ongoing professional development. If you’re going to spend good money seeing a practitioner, you deserve to know whether they are properly qualified. I’ve been seeing dozens of people on Instagram offering Homeopathic Immunisation packages upwards of $900, usually after doing only a short course in Homeopathy. This is really damaging to the profession and as much as I’m always trying to be upbeat and positive when I’m speaking on the podcast, it’s becoming harder for me to stay quiet about this, because this is massively going to backfire if these improperly trained people continue to be allowed to advertise themselves as Homeopaths and treating chronic conditions with only protocols.

So while I’m being ranty…This past week on 7 News, there was a news report of babies ending up in hospital because of poisoning symptoms from a colic medicine containing Belladonna. No brand names were given in the report, but the reporter stated that symptoms include flushing, dilated pupils and drowsiness and that parents should go straight to the emergency room if they’re concerned. The comments on the news report were limited to only 17 comments and of those 17, most were from people asking what the brand name was, with no answer. One person mentioned a brand named Willby’s, which is based in Victoria, Australia and it so happened that one of my clients had a bottle of this colic medicine and sent me a photo of the ingredients. It turns out it’s actual Belladonna tincture, dill oil and sodium citrate. So of course, this is going to be yet another hit for homeopathy, because nobody is going to ask if it’s the tincture – which is not homeopathic. Everyone is going to assume the news report is talking about the homeopathic remedy Belladonna, which will not cause any poisoning symptoms.

So, if you’re listening to this podcast and you’re new to homeopathy and you’re wondering about this recent news report, I just want to say that you can safely use your homeopathic belladonna without the concern of potentially poisoning your child.

My last little ranty rant is that I’ve noticed an increase in kinesiologists who test their clients for various homeopathic remedies and I love kinesiologists and I often refer my clients to them, so please don’t get me wrong. But if I’m prescribing remedies for a client, it’s coming from 10 years of clinical practise and 4 years of study. I’m a big believer in kinesiology…BUT….I also know what I’m doing. There’s a lot of work and thought that goes into putting together a homeopathic prescription, so I’m not going to lie when I say it’s slightly annoying when a client takes the remedies you’ve prescribed to get tested by their kinesiologist…then decides not to take them, or only some of them…an comes back after 6-8 weeks and wonder why they haven’t seen improvement. I had a kinesiologist reach out to me on social media a couple months ago, who tested herself for a specific homeopathic remedy and ended up giving herself a massive aggravation and wanted to know if I can help her stop the aggravation. So I just want to make it really clear again – kinesiology is amazing. It’s something I would personally love to study one day….but all I’m saying is that if your Homeopath has done a prescription for you, give it an honest chance and take it as they’ve prescribed and if you have any issues or feel you’d like to take your remedies differently to what’s prescribed, let your Homeopath know.

Something else I’m super passionate about is empowering our children to be in tune with their own bodies and educate them on the symptoms their body gives them and how they can use this to know whether their body needs some help. A really simple way of doing this, is to print the Bristol stool chart and also the urine chart and put it up on your toilet wall, so your children can compare their poos and wees to the chart to see if what’s coming out is healthy or not. As our kiddies become more independent with their toileting, it can be hard to know if they’re having a regular and healthy bowel motion, so it becomes even more important to educate them on the importance of this. Alonside the Bristol stool chart, you can also put up a calendar, so your younger kiddies can mark on it what days they’ve had a bowel motions and what number it was on the stool chart. Speaking of bowel motions – any new homeopaths listening to this – we need some Homeopaths to niche in the area of constipation – you’ll have more patients than you can ever know what to do with. This is a huge area of need and it never ceases to surprise me how few people know how important it is to have a daily bowel motion.

So another thing I wanted to have a quick chat about, is how much I’m loving doing Oligoscans in my clinic, since interviewing Jon Gamble in October last year, on episode 223. Oligoscan uses spectrophotometry to scan the palm of your hand and then give you the client’s heavy metal, mineral and vitamin status based on their heigh, weight and blood type. This technology is well accepted in Europe, but in Australia, we’re not allowed to advertise that we do this and it’s not accepted as diagnostic, which is a real shame, because it really is so helpful in my clinical practise. I’ve done over 100 scans now and I’m just completing a course on interpreting diagnostic data, which is based on how we can better interpret the results we get from the scan. I love that I can get the results within seconds of doing the scan, so there’s no sending things off and waiting weeks. It’s all instantaneous, which means I can give my clients a treatment plan on the spot.

So if this hasn’t been enough of a hodge podge random podcast, I have a few more random things to add. These are my top 10 easy peasy basic things you can do right now to support your health.

  1. Please don’t drink tap water – especially if your town uses fluoridation. Fluoride it a neurotoxin and then we’re not even talking about all the other crap you’ll find in regular tap water. Invest in a good quality filtering system that removes fluoride and remineralises your water as well. In our clinic and at home, we use reverse osmosis, because that’s the only way to completely remove fluoride. But this creates dead water, so we then put the reverse osmosis through a Zazen filter to remineralise and restructure the water.
  2. The number 1 best thing that you can do for your health RIGHT NOW – that also happens to be free – is to get to bed earlier. If you do nothing else for your health, just get to bed at 10pm at the very latest. That sleep before midnight is very restorative and super important for your body to rest and heal while you’re sleeping
  3. Please throw away your Bluetooth headphones. I die a little inside every time I see someone wearing Bluetooth headphones and it’s almost too much to bear when I see children with Bluetooth headphones. We are going to see a massive increase in brain cancers if this insistence on using Bluetooth headphones continues. There is definitely not enough research done on this, but it should be common sense that having a Bluetooth device plugged in your ears with your brain in the middle, is not a good idea. I recently saw a local Chiropractor wearing Bluetooth headphones while speaking on his Instagram page. I called him out on it and he admitted he knew it’s bad, but that he’s only using it for a short period of that. That is not the point. If you’re a health professional and you’re wearing Bluetooth headphones, then the general public sees that and think it’s safe to wear. They don’t know you’re only using it for a short period of time, which by the way, is too long anyway.
  4. Please throw away your anti-perspirants – your body needs to sweat, to detox. Using an anti-perspirant – which usually contains aluminium – to stop your body sweating, is like plugging up your butt hole to stop your body from pooping. Sooner or later, you’re going to pay the price for preventing your body from doing what it naturally needs to do to stay healthy.
  5. Please throw away your synthetic perfumes as they are major endocrine disruptors. If you have thyroid dysfunction, issues with your menstrual cycle or you can’t lose weight, then it’s even more important that you get rid of any synthetic fragrances in your home.
  6. Please don’t heat your food in plastic – and preferably don’t store it in plastic either. This is another major endocrine disruptor, especially as the removal of BPA from plastics is not mandatory in all countries.
  7. Follow some of the Low tox accounts on Instagram and facebook, such as Alex Stuart’s Low Tox Life account – to learn how you can reduce toxicity in your home
  8. Practise gratitude every single day. A few months ago, started a great habit where on the way to school, we each have to say something that we’re grateful for. Gratitude is not an automatic thing for some people and might take some practise, so put a reminder on your phone daily or a post it note on your mirror, to remind yourself to list off at least a few things every single day for which you’re grateful.
  9. Turn your Wi-fi off at night and reduce your screen time – your mental, physical and spiritual health will thank you for it.
  10. Don’t be fooled by social media. Many of the people you see on social media who seem to be living the perfect lives with their perfect partners and their perfect bodies, are the same ones who are seeing us in clinic for depression, body issues and their partners cheating on them. Every single one of us – myself included – have our own shit to deal with, so don’t be fooled for 1 single second that there is a single person on this planet who has it all figured out. If you think they do, it just means they’re better at editing than you. So give yourself a pat on the back. The fact you’re alive, listening to this right now, is a gift. Make the most of it.

And that’s really it from me. I hope you’ve enjoyed my random ramblings and that there’s at least one useful thing you’ve managed to take away from it. If you’d like to support my work, please do consider making a donation. It’s super easy. Just go to and click the donate button at the top. Every donation $10 and above, receives a shout out on a future podcast episode.